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Construction Security

Construction Security - Ensure your construction sites don;t fall victim to Theft and Vandalism!

Construction security has a number of duties. It can consist of watching over a site through the night or day and can involve checking over CCTV. These duties can be carried out by one guard or more depending on the size of the site.

Security measures are important on any construction site with valuables. Many tehfts are continuously carried out on sites, some even go unnoticed. It is key to put in place security and register what is on your construction site. Pez Security can help do exactly that.

Why is Construction Security needed?

– Intruders often have a lot more information about your site than you could imagine, having our experts on site ensures we can look after your valuables and prevent anyone capitalising on any weakness on your site.

– Unfortunately it is not only intruders we need to monitor from, as many theft problems come from staff and other insiders, although we vow to provide a swift service that won’t offend any worker, we do take our job very serious meaning any suspicious behaviour will be watched and reported.

– It is vital to have a specific service allocated to your construction security even if you have CCTV, you will need a security presence on site.

– We also have a responsive team to back up our team, so any potential problems can be reported to the police and our client immediately.

– We can check security/work passes as well as other security measures we will apply.

– Good control of staff provided by our security.