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Event Security

Event Security - Be it 10 people or crowds of 10,000+ our experienced security team will keep your events safe and secure.

Keep your Events safe and secure with our event security services

We provide event security and management. We can provide planning assistance, helping plan your security needs from start to finish. Event security can involve very different type of security procedures; we vow to provide the best service for your particular needs, whether that’s for a sporting, music, festival or any other type of event.

We at Pez Security pride ourselves on our organisation skills. We will maintain disciplined management throughout the event, scheduling appropriately. We ensure control of the event from start to finish.

We have a wide range of staff with a vast experience of situations. We cover a wide range of events, private functions, sporting events, exhibitions and corporate events, just to name a few. Use our contact page to get in touch for your event.

Why you may seek event security?

-An event without security can be havoc; at Pez Security we deliver a stress free security service making sure we manage every aspect of security.

-We will take a look at the venue before and using our qualifications and experience we will plan our event security to an optimum level.

– We can help provide planning prior to the event right up until the end, taking a big weight of the event planner’s shoulders.

Responsibilities such as arranging security and emergency contingency plans, being first on the scene to provide first aid assistance make up only a fraction of the duties of our security guards. Organising the event entails that a number of issues are safely under control, including the number of people involved, the venue’s evacuation procedures, and to custom design your security guards relevant to your event.