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Mobile Security

The mobile patrols are a cost effective way of securing your business, it provides a visual deterrent and a reliable protection for your business. Mobile security can be a responsive team to give you peace of mind. We provide mobile patrols that regularly ensure that unwelcomed visitors aren’t on your premises. The rota will change accordingly meaning the random patrols will keep your site secure and unpredictable.

If you have multiple sites we can provide an efficient package that suits you. Mobile security is often used when clients have more than one site. Contact us to for mobile security; we can tailor for any one business’s needs.

Mobile Patrol Benefits

  • The regular unscheduled mobile patrols mean potential intruders will not be able to predict the time of security presence.
  • Mobile security can cater for multiple sites at once.
  • Mobile patrolling means that you have a fast response security team at hand.
  • It is a cost efficient way of securing your site or property.