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Pez Security Serivices FAQ

The best security company in Birmingham and the midlands is without a doubt PEZSECURITY!!!🙂

  1. Affordable, competitive fixed rates!
  2. Our professional, highly experienced security staff ensure we deliver security services that are a cut above the competition!
  3. Our Experienced office staff provide customers with not only the best security solutions in the country but they offer ongoing customer support to ensure you remain a happy customer from start to finish!
  4. There are many many many more reasons why our services out shine our competitors by rather than list them all we urge you to give us a call today, find out exactly what we can do for you and let us show you why were the UK’s NUMBER 1 SECURITY FIRM🙂

Pez Security: 0121 320 2946

Yes we provide door supervisors for clients at present and have been for a number of years. All our door supervisors (bouncers) have been hand selected for the experience in the field, ensuring our clients are confident all door supervisory role will be carried out safely, securely as professionally as possible.

The most cost effective security service for high risk sites would be our dog security, our canine security units will increase the visual deterrent effect, cover more ground and save having to employ an extra security guard.

All our security guards are fully vetted and SIA (security industry authority) trained to work within the law we also can supply previous client references from a wide range of security aspects; events, construction, night clubs etc.

All our security guards are issued with a uniform and full P.P.E depending on requirements. All our Security staff are vetted from there experience and professionalism, we make it clear that quality of service is our key goal which is reinforced through presentation and punctuality.

PezSecurity provide our security services to businesses throughout the UK, although we are a Birmingham based security company and the majority of our clients are in located throughout the midlands area.

Our security services are often a necessary investment for a number of reasons, a small example of these reasons are listed below:

Theft deterrent: with today economic decline crime rates are up, in particular petty theft as criminal seek to make a few extra bucks at your expense. Mobile patrol and our vast array of other security services guarantee to deter these criminals targeting your property/investments.

Vandalism deterrent:With crime on the rise the odd’s of your property/investments being vandalised are greatly increased. With our security services strategically deployed at your sites we guarantee to reduce the odds of the happening and where possible apprehend the criminals responsible.

Legal Requirement: Security services are often a legal requirements at some venues & events.